Painting Progress

P A I N T I N G   P R O G R E S S

At the new JOY STUDIO Retreat & Work Space

Becoming a blank canvas for creative spaces, with a fresh coat of linen paint.


August goals for getting into the new location by September:

Week #1 – Complete Painting & Cleaning

Week #2 – Move Fabric & Frames

Week #3 – Move Furniture, Fixtures & Supplies

Week #4 – Organize & Refine the Space


For further information & updates on the Joy Studio cottage,

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A First & Favorite

WIN A PANEL!!! – Details at Quilting Treasures Facebook Pg.


I am honored to announce that Quilting Treasures is again presenting,


From our very first (& favorite) fabric collection, back by popular demand.

The HAA Panel – Available in quilt shops now.




Just in time to grab some Hungry Animal Alphabet coordinates during our moving SALE!!!

Save 30% at our Etsy Shop.

Use Code: moving2014 at checkout thru Aug. 7

Moving Sale

So, what would moving be . . .

without a MOVING SALE!

On our Etsy Store for the next 3 weeks, 30% OFF on 3 new fabric group listings.

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30% off on ALL of our fabric listings!

On The Move

JoyStudioFBHeaderBbI am excited to let you know that the Joy Studio is expanding. We have just made it official and rented some additional studio and office space. A charming cottage in a convenient and quiet setting. If you’ve ever dreamed of a creative retreat, a visit to our Joy Studio, may be for you.

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Located near the caves, in Pacific, MO

Contact us for more info – tidings3@aol.com

Blue Berry Beauty



The blueberries are ready to pick in the Midwest so, we had no other choice but to head out early this morning, to Huckleberry Hollow, berry patch extraordinaire.


The report we heard was that the bushes, were loaded! And they were. Row after row of beautiful blue brambles so, we were off, grabbed our pails and picked till our hearts content. Well, until we had picked twenty six quarts anyway, between four of us. Even then, it was difficult to walk away from the blue bounty.


Yum fresh berries!

BluBrryPickPro BluBrryPick4

Berries for baking . . . this fall?


And some to try now of course.


And maybe, some to paint?

Draw Near Delivers


Second in the Handmaids® series is “Draw Near.” Still creative multitaskers with an emphasis on stitchery and dress making, in this collection the focus swings toward everyone’s childhood past time, coloring. No matter who you are, at one time or another, when you were very small, someone most likely stuck a crayon in your hand and you began to draw.

I did . . . and am still at it.


So, those were the memories that triggered the imagery for this line that I started at least a year ago and conceived of, long, long before that. A favorite verse found in the forth chapter of the book of James, was the inspiration. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. The fabric delivery, is a good & needed, reminder for me.


So, vintage crayons, paint tins and turn of the century patterns are all a part of this art group which translated beautifully into fabric by Quilting Treasures. Hope you like it.


Available in quilt shops now.

A Couple More


I just wanted to share a couple of late entries as we wrap up the She Who Sews Challenge.


And once again thank all, who joined in on the fun. Prizes are being processed and Oh, if you still have She Who Sews fabric left . . . think, pincushions.

Here’s a little hint for the next creative concept. Wanna play?



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