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What a fun hop over the past two weeks. I was delighted to see all of the creative projects made from my “She Who Sews” collection of fabrics from Quilting Treasures.  Below are only a handful of the handy works however, many more are posted on our Pinterest page. There were such great ideas presented so, if you weren’t able to follow the hop, please take a look.

And nicer still, to hear so many kind comments from all of you. Thank you very much for taking the time to write me here at the Joy Studio.

& a heartfelt thanks to all of the participants who created for the She Who Sews blog hop. I was truly overwhelmed by the talent and time represented.  QuiltedDelightsSWS



I think we need to have these giveaways more often. We’ll plan on that. OK, we have our winner of the She Who Sews fat quarter bundle – Congratulations to:


And . . . Our Facebook winner is:

Sandy Allen!

A Creative Collaboration, among friends & colleagues. CompfyPillows

Welcome & wow!

What an honor for our very own “She Who Sews” fabric collection to be the featured fabric for this Sewing Room Blog Hop.

If this is your first visit to the Joy Studio, please have a look around and tell us what you like to create, especially using your She Who Sews fabric.

To learn about the creation of Handmaids™ and the art process in the beginning stages, I invite you to join (like) us on the Handmaids Facebook page or click the like button to the right in side bar. Also visit Handmaids.com where you can sign up for our newsletter and receive regular product updates. And please, be sure to get in on our GIVEAWAYS! One is here on the Joy Studio blog, simply comment to enter and one on Facebook’s HANDMAIDSGreatJoyStudios, for a like and comment telling us so, you will be entered. Both offers are for a She Who Sews fabric fat quarter bundle and a canvas wrap, wall art piece. If you already like Handmaids™ on FB, just a comment will work. Winners will be announced on FB February 7th.

Blog Hop Giveaway

Blog Hop Giveaway

I was certainly privileged to collaborate with four friends on our contribution to the She Who Sews Blog Hop. Together we designed and created several items, pincushion & paperdoll pillows for the comfy couch in our Joy Studio and others to wear. Allow me to introduce these skilled sewers and quilters, through their beautiful projects listed below.

Paperdoll & Pincushion Pillows
Annie Regal (Quilting)SWSPaprDollPillow
Puffy Pillows

Nancy McClullen (Construction & Quilting)
Sew n Sew
Paperdoll Throw
Diane O’Shea (Piecing & Quilting)PaperdollThrow
Mommie, Dollie & Me – Dress for Mommie, Daughter, Dollie & Bag
Amber Martin – These items offered at:
Bullfrogs ‘N’ FirefliesMommieDollieMeSWSMommieDollieMe2


Wrapped Canvas Wall Art
by me, J. Wecker Frisch
Tidings of Great Joy, LLC

It has been a privilege and pleasure, to see our very first collection in the Handmaids™ series, She Who Sews, featured in the Sewing Room Blog Hop.  Thank you to Mme. Samm, Carla & all of the Blog Cheerleaders for inviting and supporting me. And a sincere thanks, to all of you, for stopping in. Please don’t forget to leave us a comment (to be entered in our giveaway). I would truly enjoy hearing from you.SheWhoSewsCollaborate

I am also excited to get hopping on, to see what the other bloggers (listed below) have made from the She Who Sews fabric collection to share:


Creatin’ in the Sticks

Below – Are a few shots of the canvas wrap process using the “She Who Sews” large patch panel from
Quilting Treasures: Available at quilt shopsSWSCanvasWrap1SWSCanvasWrap2SWSCanvasWrap3SWSCanvasWrap4
THANKS everyone! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Barbara!

CPD #2

JanFMQPost2In the last few quiet moments here, before hammers fly for the renovate, I wanted to share a few images from the second Create Play Date/weekend. We worked with the She Who Sews fabric from Quilting Treasures in anticipation of next week’s sewing room blog hop and also January’s, free motion quilting, post card group, FMQ on Facebook.

Saturday was spent again, at my dear friend’s, Annie Regal, sew studio where we collaborated on two puffy pillow tops. It was quite wonderful. Complete with lunch, coffee, crackling fire and a gentle snow falling visibly from the cozy new work space. The creative play dates have been often discussed and long awaited so, we are both very grateful to be able to share the opportunity to create together. She did all of the sewing, btw.

CPD2B HandmaidsPuffyPaperdolls

Second location took place at my daughters home where she and granddaughter Sydney, graciously re-acquainted me with my own sewing machine. Last summer they took advantage of some basic machine sewing lessons so were able to refresh my memory regarding the machine use. Confession, I have not sewn in over 25 years and I had limited knowledge even then. After designing fabric however, for over ten years, I plan to change that. So, below is my first attempt at a quilted post card using my Seam Stress(ed) Handmaid, which I could identify with, while stitching her up into a usable post card.FMQPost3SheWhoSewsJWF

Sending her off to the recipient today. Over all, a very fun create plate date weekend.JanFMQPost

All of the finished projects will be posted here next week, January 27th where the

Sewing Studio Blog Hop will begin.

New Year, New Challenges

2014 – Only two weeks in:

Challenge # 1, packing up everything, in preparation for new floors and remodel.

Challenge # 2, my main working computer crashes last Tuesday! And without backing up files for the entire new series of Handmaids! Happily, they were recovered, but a costly mistake.

And lastly, keeping a cool, calm head through it all in order to continue creativity which is the only topic I’ll address in this post. After all, it’s more fun than the other two, right?ABPeekAbove, just a peek, at our next Handmaids collection, completed just before Christmas.

Next, on the fun side of things, we wanted to share the

She Who Sews Blog Hop!

We are so happy to be joining the Cheerleaders for Blog Hops, in their first hop of the new year, Sewing Room Blog Hop. It will be featuring the first of our Handmaids series, “She Who Sews” fabrics from Quilting Treasures. The hop begins at our very own Joy Studio blog on January 27th and runs through February 6th. We are supper excited to see what creative projects will be showcasing the various sewing studios. And of course, the giveaways, can’t forget those. So, please join us and check out the creativity activities.SWSFabricJWF

Also, just a reminder . . .

Machine Maid Embroidery – The 20% off embroidery special is extended all this month at Handmaids.com – We are currently working to offer additial views to the Machine Maid design to include smaller hoop sizes which will be available soon. Enter code mmaidjan2014

Fabric SaleA Valentines Day Special also offering 20% off fabric starts today, January 14th thru February 14th! Our Great Joy Studio Etsy store features J. Wecker Frisch classic fabric collections in a limited supply of artist’s samples. Enter code: VALENTINESDAY2014

Handmaids Wall Art

Announcing ~ Handmaids™ Framed PrintsHandmaidsDNWAHandmaidsDNWA2

Eight Handmaids wall art images just in, from two collections,

“She Who Sews” & “Draw Near”

available now at Handmaids.comCourageDNWALo

FRAMES PLUS, Inc. – A Domestic Manufacturer

She Who Sews Is Here

Fabric is in!

SheWhoSewsDlvrs2The first fabric collection in the Handmaids™ series, “She Who Sews” has delivered. And it looks great Quilting Treasures. Thank you.SheWhoSewsDlvrSheWhoSewsDlvr4SheWhoSewsDlvr3

One coming in . . . and another going out.AngelBandJWF

Now, considering projects for the next Create Play Date &

the She Who Sews Blog Hop in January.

HandmaidsMMEmbLast weekend my friend and I decided to enjoy a ‘Create Play Date’ which we hope will become a once a month activity. Our first project, none other than the “Machine Maid” embroidery design from the She Who Sews collection. We both wanted to see just how this embroidery applique was going to stitch out. This was a brand new experience for me and a fascinating one to observe. See for yourself.HandmaidsMMEmb2HandmaidsMMEmb3HandmaidsMM4It did get a bit challenging at times . . .HandmaidsMMEmb6HandmaidsMMEmb7 Knowing that this was an extremely detailed art piece, it was recommended that I have it digitized by the best in the biz. Lindee Goodall, and you can learn more about her experience and company on her site, Lindee G Embroidery. Lindee did an excellent job digitizing this nearly twelve inch, heavily detailed design.

And so did my friend, stitching it out! Speaking of kindness!HandmaidsMMEmb9THANK YOU ANNIE Regal!

The first of the She Who Sews machine embroidery is available exclusively at handmaids.com

And currently on SPECIAL20% off until January 31st.

use code: mmaidjan2014 – at checkout


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