Through the Looking Glass

Illustration - John Tenniel

As a Rabbit once said,  “Oh dear, oh dear, I shall be too late!” For a very important date, or a deadline? Juggling several projects simultaneously is wreaking havoc with my time management skills. Are meeting difficult deadlines supposed to come with the “artist territory?”


4 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. Depends on the artisit I suppose. And I didn’t even know you had time management skills. Can you teach me?
    And oh my, I too am late…

  2. I think it’s the nature of the beast! Time management is too confining for a creative. Sometimes when I do my best work is when I can’t mull over it too long. No time for second-guessing!!

    Try not to lose too much sleep, we do need our beauty rest!

  3. Yes, ma’am, goes with the territory! And since you’re quoting from Through The Looking Glass…this business we’re in is very much the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”! 😉

    This Alice is very tired tonight!

    Hugs, Diane

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