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Often when I commit to a project that I do not want to do, I become stuck.  This is the downside of working at your craft/skill that I do not enjoy.  Creativity, for me, the work flows so much smoother, almost effortlessly, when the art comes from within.  As a creative individual, ideas are always there, just beneath the surface, compelled to burst out through the lead of the pencil.  However, when forced, such as a commissioned piece, it is a continuous struggle and not the ideal way to execute a drawing. Luckily, I have another project that I can bounce back and forth to.  More, my cup of tea, or should I say coffee?

"Woodsy Wonders" - book panel

The bugs for instance, created one July in a hotel since we lost our electric & air conditioning, were pure fun to draw. The Woodsy Journal quilt was created and quilted by Joan Ford. Project instructions can be found on the Home Arts projects page of –

Woodsy Wanderer

The summer spent creating my Woodsy Wanderer group I remember walking, just a little closer to the Creator of all the little woodsy creatures.  That helps too!


6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Janet ,

    Every time I look at your artwork I am taken back to another
    time and place. Your artwork is so timeless and classic yet fresh and alive! I love those bugs in a jar, and your words hit home with me also! Your blog is really wonderful! Your a natural with blogging!! Congrats!!!

  2. I remember that project – not so long ago. That was a fun quilt to make – and even more fun to quilt! Sometimes the quilt ‘tells’ you how it needs to be quilted! Janet, your art always tells a wonderful story!

  3. This is what you do so well, Janet! These “critters” would have been what would have attracted me to children’s books to read to my daughters when they were small. I was fussy about the art in the stories I read to them, as were they! Pictures often tell so much more than the words and your pictures are worth, as they say, 1,000 words!

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