Sunday Post(age)

Last evening I continued the search for likely candidates to use on the valentine project scheduled for today.  Among the many items retrieved from my dad’s work area last summer, I discovered his stamps.  An interesting, melancholy but beautiful look back~

Earlier in the day at a local shop, my daughter Kate and I found some wonderful Austrian post cards with incredible calligraphy. It was fun creating some of the coffee soaked tags incorporating both.

A “Special” thanks to my friend Diane Knott for offering some personal instructions! Don’t forget to register for her Valentine give away~

Make A Wish!

I can’t forget to wish Jason, our son (in law) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  While the guys take in the BIG game we’ll be cutting, pasting and enjoying carrot cake?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Post(age)

  1. Well, you’re a sweetie again! 🙂 Love the stamps! I collect them too – have a whole basketful and forget I have them when I’m crafting. Thanks for the reminder!

    We’re not watching “The Game”. We’re going to watch the last episode of Emma on PBS. Even my hubby!

    Carrot cake? Did you say carrot cake? My favorite! Would it have cream cheese icing by any chance? I’ll be right over! 😉

    It looks like you’re having a fun day. We did too. I made more “Tag-velopes” and we went out for dinner.

    Hugs! Diane

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