…More Details?

Did someone ask for more details? Well, this week we are in the process of making two Valentine boxes for Syd, 9 and John, 4. In the previous post Syd can be seen working on hers and here is our progress so far.

First we needed to edit some of the cool stuff. Syd had her idea for design direction and I had mine. We went with hers……which was a classic black and cream palette and just a touch of red.

Nothing too love-y dove-y for John’s of course, even if it is to hold Valentines. We decided to go with the “bugs” faux postage collage sheets offered through TidingsOf GreatJoy.com. They will be a nice compliment to the really cool, hundred year old, Apple man post card.

Now for the finishing details, maybe some “bling!” We’ll post both Valentine projects later in the week along with some “Valentags,” that we had a lot of fun making. So, I wasn’t the first to come up with that name, right?


5 thoughts on “…More Details?

  1. Oh boy, the snow you are getting! I have been watching it on TV,,quite a time of it…I hope you don’t loose power. Have fun with all the crafting,,,,love the lace paper,,,I need to find some of that.
    Happy warm thoughts!

  2. Annie – OK, it’s a misspelling, I meant to say Valentag! We continued the same process as the boxes on some large manila shipping tags. She decided to give some out as small Valentines.

    1. Got it. How cool. Yes, I think you may have come up with a new word – Valentag… I like it. Sounds like a fun game for the kiddos.

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