Morning Cup

There isn’t much that can compare with that first cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing in fact. Well, I can’t believe it but after many years of perfecting that winning combination of condiments, I’m about to change the recipe. Aaaaaaah! I’m going to TRY to leave my favorite, non dairy creamer, top leading brand of course, for the real stuff. Heavy whipping cream. It looks pretty when pouring into the cup but what about the taste? What about the taste! What’s next, Decaf?

The heavy china cup and saucer belonged to my grandmother. There are just two and one platter. Hey, who put that lace in my coffee?

5 thoughts on “Morning Cup

  1. This looks so yummy. I agree about the coffee thing but I already do decaf. I treat it with the same reverence of a fully loaded coffee varitety. Hazlenut or French Vanilla beans freshly ground each morning add to the pleasure of enjoying my buzz-less brew!

  2. A little late to be writing here, but I love my coffee in a clear glass mug. When I add cream/liquid creamer, I never stir. I love to watch the cream swirl with the coffee in ever changing patterns.

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