Still struggling to achieve that elusive “healthy balance” of all that we try to fit into our busy lives. Seems to be an ongoing goal. Walking is the one healthy activity that has worked for my schedule or is most consistent, although, I’ve even abandoned that for many months. Today, will be three days of WALKING in a row! Next on my list for 2010, strengthening exercise, eating right and cutting down on caffeine to name a few.

Healthy Balance
Weight Training
No More Cookies
Cut Caffeine

4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I am in love with your snowmen, they are so charming and adorable. I totally hear you about balancing, it is never easy
    for me. One day at a time, some days I can get it right and other days I can’t.

  2. You’re making me feel guilty! LOL! We just haven’t walked in ages! Our road isn’t safe for walking – cars travel too fast and it’s dusty. Come spring we’ll go to the park. But I was thinking of taking my camera to the park this weekend while we have all of this beautiful snow!

    As for the cookies….no way! Girlfriend, I can’t give up cookies! LOL!


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