Another “Mary”

Another work from Mary Sherwood Wright Jones for today’s TT. I was delighted when I saw this illustration and was eager to know who the artist was. I was not familiar with this Mary’s work and could find little information about her. This Home Arts cover from March, 1936 is one of two copies in my collection and the only two pieces I have seen of Ms Jone’s body of work. Note the cost, 10¢. I did find her granddaughter, also a wonderful artist – Le Zebre bleu: Anne Sherwood Pundyk. More about Anne Sherwood Pundyk. If anyone else has additional images or information on Mary Sherwood Wright Jones, I would love to hear from you.

Mary Sherwood Wright Jones
that's "me" on the top right

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    1. Yes, cute, I thought so too. Not sure how her art was received in ’36 but her images remind me of some that would play in today’s market or already have, in some, not so distant past markets.

  1. Dear Joy,

    What a nice surprise to read your blog about my grandmother, Mary Sherwood Wright Jones. She was my first inspiration as an artist. When I was small I would watch her draw and paint in watercolor; she would often make drawings especially for me, or each of my sisters or first cousins. She had trained in New York City as a young woman, but returned to her hometown of Newark, Ohio to live and work.

    My best wishes,


  2. Janet, I’m captivated by her work, too. If I find some I’ll share peeks and I’d love to see anything you find as well. I think you will enjoy Marie A Lawson’s work, as it has a similar though different feel. I’ll try to find a minute to scan some and send you for inspiring happy thoughts.

  3. Hi, I have been attempting research on Mary Sherwood Wright Jones myself, as I have some original illustrations of hers that she made for the Weekly Reader.

    I am looking for people interested in buying these one of a kind pieces.

    I am also looking for more information about them, specifically a date, as there are no dates written on them.

    I would be happy to email photo’s to anyone interested in her work.

  4. Oh my, you’re out there! This 71 yr old lady recently discovered Mary Sherwood Wright Jones when I was looking through my mother’s “Pretty Pictures” scrapbook from the 30’s. I truly fell in love with her work. I quickly removed and framed the cut out Jenny Wren March 1936 June 1936 Home Arts/Needlecraft. I have been researching and collecting ever since. I’m “star struck” that Anne blogged here. I would be glad to share information about my meager collection (Home Arts and books) with anyone. Before I die I want to buy an original but I’ve never seen one for sale. I’ve hit a brick wall trying to find any Weekly Reader art.

  5. Duh, I forgot to say….yes Jeff, of course I’m interested in the Weekly Reader!!!!!!!

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