Who’s Joy?

I must apologize for not making it clear anywhere, just who’s writing this blog! Since I’ve been getting some comments directed to “Joy,” I thought I’d better identify myself for the record. The “J” in Wecker Frisch stands for Janet. But you can call me Joy, I don’t mind. I kind of like it.

These Janets are from the few pre-kindergarten scribblings that remain in a book, “The Tall Book of Fairy Tales,” 1947, that I have from childhood. I distinctly remember drawing in this treasured book right under my dad’s nose as he read the morning paper. I think I must have been learning to write my name. And the book, by the way was published a bit before my time!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Joy?

  1. beautiful blog Janet. I replied finally to your email about the song you asked about. Hope you got it. I’ve also added you on my blogroll.

  2. Is there a way to find out if your adorable line of Alphabet fabrics is still available? A quilting friend of mine has it and is making a baby quilt for her new grand-daughter from that line. She also has the quilting book that goes with it; now I want it; but because the line has been out for almost 5 years I am wondering if it can still be acquired somewhere. I thought perhaps you might have an idea about that. thanks for any info you might be able to send my way~

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