Tuesday’s Treasure

Of all the items that I’ve acquired over my lifetime, I would have to say I treasure my dad’s childrens books the most. I have only a few of his but they’re quite awesome, partly due to sentimental value. However, pouring over the pictures as a tiny tot, I believe these images instilled my desire to create some of my funny characters. The children’s book collection continues to grow and I am often inspired by these vintage illustrations.

Some Old Favorites - the TALL book in the back is where I practiced writing my name
"Tidings & Tales" - fabric collection

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasure

  1. Janet, right! No tags made yesterday! Too, too busy actually painting! LOL!

    You are SO blessed to have these treasures from your father and I can really see how they have influenced your art.


  2. So where will we be able to find your “Tidings & Tales” art?
    Will it be part of a fabric collection or as a picture book? As an art quilter I am always looking for new fabrics to use.
    Your illustrations are wonderful!

    1. Hi There, the fabric line was released a couple of years ago but can still be located in shops. Best way is to search on line or at a local quilt shop. Produced by Wilmington Prints. Thank you!

  3. Janet ,

    What a collection, this is amazing!! You can see your influences coming through in your timeless beautiful artwork!
    I had to stop by for a quick hello, I am going back to work know.

  4. Hi Janet,
    That is such an awesome collection of books. How blessed you are to have these. I collect children’s books, actually any old books, but it’s the illustrations that dictate whether I will choose it or not. I love how have displayed them here.

    1. Thank you June. I shared a fond memory regarding one of those books on yesterdays post. Yes, a blessing to have some of my dad’s childhood items.

  5. Joy is really what a heart feels visiting this place. You are an outstanding artist. Thank you so much for finding me and leaving your heartwarming comment. I will come back for sure and I will ad you also to my blog-roll, Mira

  6. When I was a child my mother bought a set of Collier Encyclopedia with a set of children books that she got with them. My favorite store was “This is the House That Jack Built”. Today, whenever I go into a book store, even at 60 yrs of age, I go to the Children’s Section first! I have to be the oldest little kid in there every single time!

  7. I am quilting for my new grandson your Tidings and Tales quilt top with many of my favorite fairy tales. Would love to know if there are any other similiar quilt tops with your wonderful art works.

    Do you happen to know Munro Leaf’s work–particularly the
    Watchbird series? Think the book is out of print but what fun and challenging art work that would be! Still remember the Watchbird watching a Whiner!

    Pleased to discover your information on the Internet!!

    Barbara Jones

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