Looking through some very old sketches yesterday caused me to take a look back at an interesting exercise. I attended the community college for their art program in the early 90’s. During an entire semester we were given an assignment to do a self portrait, once a week, for the entire semester. It was a study that forced one to take a really good look in the mirror. Early on, it was difficult to recognize my likeness. This reflected image was as close as I could get and the final result. It’s difficult to judge if the outcome was more influenced by an artist’s skill or the way we see ourselves. I liked the sketch that I did one week before this however, my insensitive instructor expressed that it was not an accurate rendition but rather, one that made me appear better than I really did! It was an interesting and difficult assignment but one I recommend to try. If you are a willing model it’s a good way to sharpen your skills!


3 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Janet:
    I, too, had to do the same in art classes. It seemed every semester with each new class, the first assignment was a self portrait and I hated it. When I finally was tired of that, I did them of my daughters and got away with it.

    Glad that’s over. Have you ever done another one since?

    1. Good question, no. I am not even sure that I could do this now. I should try it though. I hated also at first and then it was a challenge. Just when I thought I had achieved a good rendition, my teacher made the unwelcomed comment. When I look back at my older drawings, I often long to do art again just for the sake of art itself. That is removed to some extent I guess in any profession when working at you skill, craft, passion, etc.

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