The Painted Word

Featured in the book – “The Art of Prophecy”

Michelangelo Buonarroti ( 1475 – 1564 ) The Prophet Jeremiah sits, face in hand, in purposeful contemplation. Sistene Chapel, 1511


2 thoughts on “The Painted Word

  1. Beautiful image today Janet.

    You asked about the stars…I had found some metal stars at Joannes and since I didn’t care for the real rustic look for them, I just tea stained the music paper and pages from a poetry book and modge podged it onto the metal. Used a little vintage lace and tulle and there you have it. I’m glad you liked them.
    I have so much been enjoying your beautiful blog and artwork, I am in awe of your talent!


    1. Thanks June – The book “The Painted Word” is from one of my clients that I shared on an earlier post.

      Also, thank you for the info on your star. I thought that it might be made entirely from paper using a pattern. I found one done that way on another blog but with a much different look.

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