Afternoon Tea

Still trying to switch over to tea from my usual afternoon pot of coffee, in hopes of a better nights sleep. Not sure it’s working; 3:00am, again.

This cream & sugar bowl belonging to my husband’s grandmother and my friends enamelware tea pot were the perfect candidates for one of my earlier greeting card images. The original art is in full color and this result was my third attempt following two others that I was not satisfied with. I like the shape of this pot.


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Greeting cards???? Are they still available? I love your work so much, I would buy whatever you license.

  2. I love your tea pot drawing!! I collect tea pots and cups. I’ve finally asked everyone not to give me anymore because I have so many!! They bring me joy especially when I drink tea out of them.

  3. I remember this art, Janet! It’s one of the very first of yours that I ever saw! I fell in love with your style immediately!

    And yes, I CAN relate to the messy studio. Yesterday mine was a disaster as I bagged up tags to take to the store downtown. Still not finished! That’s why I haven’t crafted all week. Between doing that and work, which went beyond my usual quitting time. But such a pleasure to have a project that is definitely being licensed even though it had to be repainted in a different format. I enjoyed every minute of it.


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