Good, Bad & the Ugly

A few posts ago I shared some pictures of an inspiring spot in my work space. Today, surprisingly, I’m revealing the not so pretty side of a notoriously “messy artist.” The longer an art commission takes for me to complete, the messier the “joy” studio gets. So, following jobs back to back for months indicates, it might be a good time to get things in order. Here’s only part of the challenge.

Yes, this is the good side of the space; oh yeah the sixty’s music last Saturday was suppose to put me in the mood to clean up but only made another mess, reminiscing over the 45s,

the big bad wall; magazines are my downfall,

and the really ugly work tables. Can anyone relate, anyone?


17 thoughts on “Good, Bad & the Ugly

  1. I can totally relate as I look around my own space right now. Your study looks like a fun space to clean up. Thanks for being so honest!

  2. Now I feel alot better. I mentally chastise myself for being so messy when I am “in the zone”. Thank you. Isn’t there a saying about a cluttered desk indicates a boring mind? Have to see if I can find it.

    Go girl, you will have time to straighten it up. Enjoy the right brain time.

  3. Sorry, got it wrong.

    “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”

    Someday we will be happy we had the work and the resulting clutter.

  4. Oh, I feel so much better now. My art room is a room off the kitchen (know here in TX as the “mother-in-law” room). It belonged to my oldest daughter. I always said she kept a clean ceiling and hung her clothes on the floor! Now that it’s my painting/craft/sewing, etc room it seems like every thing that doesn’t have a home ends up there!! I don’t even want to go in there. You, at least, have a big sliding glass door that lets in a lot of light. I have one lonely window. I’ll come help you clean your studio if you’ll come clean mine!!! ;).

  5. greetings dear creative spirit!

    First, your sunflower seeds painting, and your tea pots are to die for. Where and on what can we find your art? My 13 year is growing (okay has grown weary) of seeing only mom’s stuff all throughout the house.

    Did some product shots this a.m. – but the rest of the studio looks just like yours – well loved, worked in and chalk full of creative endeavors in their many stages of completion.

    Love seeing the real thing, Janet. You inspire me to do the same.

    1. Terri – Thanks, the sunflower was produced as a garden flag but I’ll have to do some checking for availability. Also I have some prints available temporarily, through a link on my artist site listed in the side column, click contact page there and then Imagekind link.

  6. See – think of yourself as a creativity therapist. (just hope insurance will cover your fees!) You have made us all feel so much better about our own creative spaces. I can especially relate to the weakness about magazines. I need to do something with the stacks of magazines in my own studio so I can get to one of my bookcases. But I can’t throw them out – gasp! Thank you for being transparent in sharing with us!

  7. Thank you for sharing this gift of “truth”. You are sharing a reality that many of us can relate to. I can see beyond the “stuff ” . This is a beautiful work space.

    Your a creative genius !!!!! I just love this.

  8. Janet, it looks WONDERFUL because it’s full of the things that inspire you. A tidy studio isn’t the be all and end all- the results are! And yours are so charming and full of life and imagination. I’m glad you spend more time on your art than cleaning. Anyone can have an immaculate room but you have life and the most charming art around. Don’t apologize for your cluttery workspace, you and your art are great just as you are. Sending you a smile- I agree with Terri, you’re a real and a very gifted artist. Don’t change, we like you just as you are!

    1. Thanks Sharyn – Although admitedly I would love for some studio elves to come and put everything back in place, it still feels rather home-y to me!

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