Toy Treasures

I have never been very good about following routines but I keep trying. Last week I forgot to post a “Tuesday’s Treasure” so, today I’m sharing two. Both were depicted in my most recent fabric line, “Animal Alphabet Games” as shown here on a toy toss in yellow.

Creating this line was an extension of my fondness for vintage toys which I have collected over the years. Few of my own still remain in tact. I like to surround myself with the time worn children’s items especially the non plastic type, as a reminder and a comfort, I suppose. Also to create an inviting and interesting space for my favorite little ones that come to visit.

To see more of this fabric collection – Quilting Treasures

“Bisque dolls were all the rage from the late 1800s to around 1930. These small three inch, all bisque dolls were often referred to as Penny Dolls –” The original box was the inspiration for the tossed toy layout in the fabric group.

The second is my Humpty man, which I sculpted years ago and who has recently, lost his left shoe. The Pinocchio Puzzle box that he is sitting on was also included in this collection but I’ll  save that for next Tuesday’s Treasure.

The connection between these two items is they were both a part of my crafting venture to create some Old World Santas dolls about twenty years ago. I have one completed, one that was sold (mistake) and four spare heads still waiting for their bodies. Another story to share later.

6 thoughts on “Toy Treasures

  1. I love Humpty Man. Have you done other sculpture? Your style really eminates in everything you do. How lucky we are to have you share your talent with us.

    1. Thanks Annie – Humpty Man is one of my favorites also. As I mentioned, I did do some heads only, for Santa dolls. I have a couple of friends interested in making these so, perhaps a class in the future? I found the sculpting to be easier than I imagined. I think it’s because we really see things in 3D as opposed to making something look 3D on a two dimensional surface.

  2. Gosh, I love your work. I’ve told you that before. I say it again. It makes me happy. I love the dolls. Before my first child (Pam) was born in ’71 (and we didn’t know the sex) I bought a bisque doll wearing a bonnet out of a catalog. I still have it and love it. I must sketch it. You are encouraging me yet again.

    I guess when Humpty Man had a great fall he only lost his shoe. 😉

  3. Ah yes, the see the inspiration that surrounds you! Old toys are so wonderful. The little box on dolls reminds me on a couple I had as a child. They were porcelain I think. Delightful fabric and photos. Currently, I am collecting this line as I can afford to!

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