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Well, I made it to the grocery store and returned with the healthy stuff. Taking the time to read the labels of everything I was buying, took additional time. I think I may have set a record for the longest grocery shopping experience.

The report I mentioned on Monday’s post was lengthy and the section on supplements is going to take more time to investigate. What I’ve read so far makes a lot of sense and I think it was a worth while purchase.

Some of the report included the commonly known healthy choices that we should already be making. However it also offers much information on nutrients, exercise, sleep, stress, meditation (I’ll call prayer), etc., some of which I was not aware, such as sea salt.

Who knew, sea salt, make the switch.

So, bringing home the colorful food is only the beginning to this natural approach of controlling blood pressure and a new way of living.

These are two of my healthiest pieces of art, both from my “Home Grown” collection.


8 thoughts on “Healthy Color

  1. Love it. I’m well versed in this topic. Have been for years. Living surrounded by 5 collages helps to keep the grocers on their toes, plus we have a Whole Foods which you don’t want to go near unless you’ve won the lottery! Wonderful store tho.

    It will become second nature to you after awhile and you will be horrified by your previous diet.

    Love the artwork. Are you familiar with Marjolein Bastin’s work? Some similarities.

    1. Hi Charlene, Yes, I’m hoping so. It is returning to the practices that I was taught as a kid before the fast food explosion. My dad always had a large garden with plenty of the healthy stuff and wild blackberry bushes were conveniently situated at the edge of our property. Seems easier looking back.

      Yes, I’m familiar with the artist and I’ll take that as a compliment. It’s hard for me to get away from a certain amount of realism, for sure. These pieces were painted about ten years ago, before my awareness for speed as the criteria for production. MB works in Prisma pencil, right? Very soft, really enjoy her work.

  2. My husband and I have been trying to go healthier and natural for the past year. We have ups and downs but when we do I feel so much better! It is easy to forget to add fruits and vegetables everyday but so important. And yes…sea salt…all we ever use when salt is needed…

    1. Hi Alice – I enjoyed the introduction and visit to your site this morning. Yes, I may be the last to hear about the salt controversy, perhaps.

  3. Sorry I have not stopped by in a while.
    It is that “crazy” time of year for me.

    What a great topic! This is a yummy post. I am a big believer in eating healthy myself. There are so many schools of thought about what is healthy and what is not, it can be confusing at times. Recently we went to a naturopath doc and she was pushing us to eat more
    meat (the kind that is not factory farmed) it scared me. There is a school of thought about this and to me it goes against the majority of the reports over the years about how a diet more plant based is the way to go. I never like anything to extreme so I try to eat a mix of things(mostly organic and whole when possible ) I stay away from fast foods etc. I just love the artwork in the picture you created also!!

    1. Hi, Thanks Sue – Yes, it can get real confusing, that’s for sure. I’m learning what foods are high in what nutrients for now. Looking at potassium which most of what is shown on my kitchen table here, is high in. I’m starting to realize the full extent of my unhealthy habits that I’ve been getting away with or, so I thought. Yes, my daughter is pushing the organic too.

  4. Hello
    How beautiful all the food looks but I do have to say the plate of cookies on the previous post has my heart… I too am a sweet eater but very picky. It has to be either homemade or very good. Nothing prepackaged. So that picky pallet saves me a little, since I quit baking and stay away from the bakery counters. I have always had low blood pressure but I have been fighting a thyroid condition and have gained weight… hate it! So I am fighting the age old weight control with working out and trying to eat healthier. Boring…
    There are some things I will not give up, butter but in moderation and my coffee 🙂
    Hope this finds you with a very good day.

  5. I have been swamped with work so had to skip blogs for a while but now here I am enjoying a bit on Saturday evening… and I have to say I love the food and the pictures and especially the amazingly wonderful art! Hurrah for you.

    I hope you are feeling more and more joy and relief, and better health a little each day. You are a very gifted woman in so many ways and I am pleased to know you this way and hoping to meet you face to face soon.

    Smiles and thanks for sharing on your blog.

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