Let’s Talk Turkey

Hopefully no one is getting tired of my focus on the needed nutrients for controlling blood pressure. In my quest to find preferred methods of doing so, I am enjoying discoveries about food. Take Potassium, the previously mentioned report recommends a daily allowance of 4,700 milligrams. Sounded like a good place to start so, one last turkey baking for hours, was a good way to obtain more of this necessary nutrient and knock the chill off during the transitional weather.

Bird Bath
Buttered Bird
Bountiful Basted Bird
Early Bird

My only artful turkey I’m afraid is this early attempt, shown below, at a harvest greeting card.

Following turkey and taxes today, it’s back to the drawing board once again!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. Occasionally a dozen or so wild turkeys come wandering through our yard, along with (I have counted) 4 bucks and 8 doe.
    We live in the city and can’t shoot them; too bad!
    What nice meals they would make!

  2. Your turkey look delicious!

    My daughter and family live in west Texas in the country. While I was there the latter part of January my 11 yr old grand son came running through the house yelling “turkeys, turkeys!” He was so excited! They had passed thru their field to the woods. He wanted to know if he could get his gun!!! I said no, it’s not hunting season!!!

    I have decided to forgo sugar (candy mostly). I needed to lose some of this belly!! I have found I don’t crave candy so much now. I don’t deny myself a bit of sweet now and then tho. Let’s get real!!!!

    1. Hi Sharon – yes, I am going to satisfy my sweet tooth with “Intense Dark” chocolate with 72% cacao, in small doses, now & then, of course. Another acceptable food according to the report, dark chocolate, surprisingly.

  3. Janet this is making me crave turkey. Yum! That is so interesting about potassium and turkey. I think I need to eat a little more bird, as my potassium gets low at times (according to bloodwork)
    You asked about white Wednesday? It is actually hosted by fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com and she lists a link every Wed. for people to sign up to participate. I have participated for several months now. Check out her blog, it’s a fun party.

  4. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. Of course I will be delighted to be one of your favorites :-)! I love your drawings! You are so talented.
    My ‘collection project’ takes a lot of time at this moment, though it is a lot of fun, but I will come back here to savour your blog, just scrolling around, wouldn’t do your blog justice, I just feel that.
    In the mean time; have a great weekend, nice to meet you and I hope to see you again, LiLi

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