The Weekend

Ah, the weekend! I’m sure that we all have our low moments following a tough week at one time or another. I’m feeling a little bit like this “once upon a time” little girl today. The illustration is in one of my favorite old books that I use to study as a child. I remember wondering if she was a little sad. Jodi, you commented recently about images capturing a mood, this one always has for me. Melancholy retreat.

I am going to find out what I can about this artist, Eloise. I cannot make out the last name on this however, I’m sure I have other pieces by her. Perhaps Burns, if anyone has information about the artist, please drop me a line? I’m drawn to a few really great women illustrators from the early 20s-40s and wonder how much of a struggle it may have been for them to obtain publication.

Feeling a bit beat up on the business front this week. I’m sure that I’m not alone as we all struggle in this current market.

Adding an update:

Is Eloise Burns, later known as Eloise Wilkin, Little Golden Books? The style looks so different but perhaps this is an early piece. This image reminds me a little of a Jesse Wilcox Smith, although I do not like to compare artist’s styles.


5 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. It looks like Eloise Wilkin to me. I always loved her detailed interiors and she consistently used wallpaper.

    Her figures were usually a little chubbier tho.

    1. Hi Charlene – Yes, I thought so too. I like this early style rather than her later chubbier, heartier tots found in the Little Golden Books.

  2. Eloise Wilkin has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember! Her style is nostalgic as well, and in some ways as iconic as Dick and Jane. But she was not alone. Another artist who Wilkin may have taken inspiration is Bessie Pease Gutmann. Her rendition of “In Disgrace” is one of my favorites.

    This description on eBay includes a little history about the Gutmans and the story behind her idea for the painting.

    I thought this was interesting:
    Gutman and Wilkin both died at age 84. Gutman in 1960 and Wilkin in 1987.

    1. Thanks Jodi, Yes, I found similar information in my search as well. I purchased a Bessie Pease calendar many years ago with the intentions of framing for my kids rooms. My youngest, now 29. Another one of those intentions never realized 😮

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