Persistent Birdie

All day yesterday, this blue bird ratta-tap-taped on my windows. Also repeatedly tried to fly through the window. He was too quick, though I tried, to capture his numerous attempts.  He and the misses are building their nest in the house on our deck. Very entertaining, love to watch. Photos from inside, not great.

Mr.BluBird - "Woodsy Wanderers" Collection

11 thoughts on “Persistent Birdie

  1. We were entertained last year with a family of bluebirds. No sooner had we put the house up and the male found it and rushed to get the female to check it out. I guess, even with birds, the wife always makes the final decision! When the babies left, we went thru “empty nest syndrome” all over again.

    We have just put up a second one and are hoping for more. What a treat they are to watch. I feel so fortunate.

  2. That is so funny, Mom! We have birds accidentally fly into our windows at times. But never any that do it on purpose! What a weird bird! I love your painting of the same bird under the photos… nice touch!

  3. Jason said that he is doing that because he thinks his reflection is another suitor for his wife and his new house. So he’s going to try to run “him” off and maybe for awhile. Funny!

    1. Hi – Makes sense because he’s not just flying toward the window but taps/pecks appearing to knock. And it’s a few windows, not just one. Seemed strange as late as 6:00 pm last evening, I finally sat down to hear and see him above me tapping at the dormer over the great room. Naturally, I was sure he wanted a word with me so, I got up and went out. Beautiful day and evening yesterday.

  4. Aw, how sweet! Both the real one and your painting!
    Ours have disappeared but they fly by in the fall on their way to “somewhere” and they all take turns in our bird baths.

    Janet, you asked about how I keep my papers organized…
    I have flat boxes for images, music, words, ephemera, etc. And for my scrapbooking papers I have a cabinet with shelves where I TRY to keep them separated by theme. Good luck with THAT! LOL! They are always getting messed up so I am constantly neatening them up. Also, when they get cut into, I try to cut off the small ends and I use my punches and cut shapes out of them. Or I will cut them into rectangles, squares, etc. and keep those smaller pieces in a separate box to go through when I only need bits and pieces. Then I don’t have to go through the stacks of larger sized ones.

    I have one box for prints and another for solid colors.

    It’s taken me a long time to come up with this system.

  5. Love it. For a few years we had a dove make her nest on the window sill outside our bedroom. So fun to watch the baby birdies, and they provided an unusual morning alarm sound!

  6. We love to watch the birds as well, though I haven’t seen any bluebirds in our neck of the woods(West Michigan).
    Had a beautiful barred owl in the magnolia tree by the house
    in the middle of the day a week ago.
    Such a rare sight, but what a treat!

  7. We have no bluebirds in the Pacific Northwest. The nearest we come is a jay, but it’s really nothing similar at all. I do love the swallows, meadowlarks, the chickadees and even the common sparrows. Thumbs down on the horrible bully that is the starling, driving the others away.

    You’re right, it’s springier here than in your neck of the woods, but it will not warm up as much later. We live in what the weathermen call a “very temperate climate”, which is another way of saying cool year-round and tending heavily toward drippiness. But it’s lovely. We are both blessed to live in beautiful places, where things like birds at the windows and unfolding leaves give us inspiration galore.

    I am also amazed by how diverse we artists are, that our inspiration results in such different expressions of the joy God has placed in our lives. We look at similar things and the art that results looks completely unrelated! Isn’t that something?

  8. Hi Joy! It’s so nice that you visited the farm……….and wow – your talent!! I LOVE the sweet peas illustration on your website….just sooo cute…….and uniquely drawn………

    Midwest it says on your profile? I’m in Illinois………anywhere near me?

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