Young Christians

Silver Dollar City is a bustling business today and celebrating fifty years of families vacationing there. These photos are representational of what I remember seeing as a kid when my parents took us. Lots of changes since then.


Thousands of youth from across the nation will attend the events at Silver Dollar City which is hosting the annual “Young Christians Weekend” beginning today. Middle daughter and her hubs are two of the chaperons for our church’s youth group this weekend and I’ll be with their tots. Great weather predicted today however, tomorrow they could get a lttle wet.


2 thoughts on “Young Christians

  1. Looks like fun and I know you’ll enjoy spending some time with the kiddos. They’ll help you live in the moment, relieve some stress and wear you out for a good nights sleep!

    1. Hi Annie – Yes, definitely having fun with the kiddos. Is is bed time yet? :-0 Already picked up treats at the store, played Monopoly while “Old Yeller” played in the back ground and next up, snack time. Maybe we’ll even get in a walk!

      had lunch,

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