Afternoon Tea

Turning over a new leaf regarding health is ongoing. I’ve been faithfully replacing my afternoon pot of coffee (which I love) in exchange for one or two cups of green tea. Taking a step back from the stress causers of the day to focus on relaxing, has been a good daily routine. The hard part, taking the last sip of the restricted, morning coffee.


10 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Sounds like a good remedy for stress. And certainly an excellent way to slow down and appreciate what we do have. You know, smell the roses kinda thing.

    1. Yes, exactly. I find I have to make myself take this essential time to breath easier and almost give myself permission no matter who’s waiting for what from me. I like it, a new attitude for me. My justification, gotta keep that blood pressure down.

  2. I gave up coffee years ago. Now it tastes very strong and bitter to me when I do have it occasionally. There are so many wonderful teas out there, you will get into it. Have you tried chia? It’s a nice treat once in awhile, especially chia latte by Oregon.

    1. Hi Charlene – Really, gave up coffee? But did you LOVE it? I think I can get into teas and no haven’t researched too many. I would love to learn more, I know it’s a much healthier drink. Chia latte, by Oregon, you say? Thanks Charlene

  3. I’ve been a tea drinker for my entire life, though I do enjoy a cup of (decaf) coffee too. In the Netherlands, where I was born and raised, everyone has their tea in the afternoon at 3. It’s a national pastime. There they have set times for having their drinks; at breakfast it’s tea or coffee, at lunch tea, mid afternoon another tea break and in the early evening you have coffee. (decaf if it keeps you awake at night)
    Personally I like herbal tea in the evening. My favorite is the variety pack from Celestial Seasonings.

  4. Yes, being healthy can be a bitter pill to swallow–especially when it becomes apparent quite quickly how much better we feel, let alone sleep, by simply letting go of that caffeine we like to indulge in past noon. Everything’s better when we get better sleep (not to mention how much better our eyes look in the morning! 🙂 The balancing act we do as we get older certainly becomes more and more of a challenge.

  5. First Janet I have to tell you that the Totally Stitchin feature was awesome!
    I am inspired by your willpower. I have a real sensitivity to caffiene, but still manage to drink a couple of sodas a day to ruin my health. lol It used to be three a day until a week ago, and I decided that it had to be what was keeping me up all night. Wow, what a huge difference it made. I so know what you mean by savoring the last bit of the restricted though. lol
    Good luck to you on improving your health. Mind if I jump on the wagon with you?

    1. Hi June – Thanks. Yes, I have some will power, some of the time. The main motivation I think is to avoid going on any meds. I’m opting to try the natural approach first. Both bitter pills to swallow when one is use to no restrictions.

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