It’s About Time

Launching at Spring Market, Minneapolis May 21 – from Quilting Treasures

It’s time to reveal a sneak peek at my new fabric line. I have not seen the finished product yet, only these first run strike offs. It seems like such a long time ago since I created this line but really, it’s only been a few months. This one was very dear to my heart. My research for the antique clocks came from the many clock books that belonged to my dad. For a brief time, he built reproduction, early American clocks. I spent some bitter sweet moments as I went through his books, finding notes and sketches as I worked out these images. Due to this line’s message, “An Appointed Time,” is a tribute to both our heavenly Father and my dad.

If you are planning to be at Quilt Market, please come by and say “Hello!” I’ll be in the Quilting Treasures booth at 1:00 on Friday. Receive your gift and details on my first blog give-away! Winner to be announced June fourth. Details will also be posted here as well.


16 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. Mom…

    I might have already said this, but this line is my FAVORITE! I love it. It is striking, beautiful, and so you.

    I’ll take a quilt for Christmas! Haha!

  2. Oh, so striking. I too think this is my favorite J Wecker-Frisch group. Can’t wait to make up some timely gifts. I’ll let my local shop know they should order LOTS! I mean really, do we ever have enough time?

  3. Now what’s not to like here? Great work. Your clock face has always been one of my favorites. Guess I better drag the sewing machine out again!!

  4. Your fabric lines are just amazing Janet! First the Halloween and this one. Just beautiful! I still can’t believe your talent. What a blessing.
    The dogwoods on your property are so pretty. What a glorious sight those would be. We aren’t able to grow that kind of dogwood in my climate, so I’m lovin’ yours.

  5. You continue to outdo yourself!
    Can’t wait to see this in person!
    I love ALL your stuff!!
    Keep it coming!

  6. I buy your fabric everytime I see it. I have quite a collection AND I love clocks. Also I live in Minneapolis, how neat is that! I have recently retired so I have plenty of time to make some quilts with your beautiful fabrics.

    1. Hi Gail – Wonderful! I’m glad to hear from you and that you are enjoying the fabrics. Will you be attending the show, perhaps with your local quilt shop owner?

  7. Janet this is so unique and beautiful!
    I love the way everything works so well together ! Congrats!
    Time will fly(off the shelves) .

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