Joy’s Blossom Bounty

While I was out on Friday, I stopped in to see my friend Joy. She had something to show me that was worth sharing. We both took time out of our busy day to enjoy a walk through her garden. The highlight was her beautiful Wisteria arbor. Sharing a stroll such as this reminded me of similar visits to my grandma’s garden. Thank you Joy. I was greeted by this furry face.


4 thoughts on “Joy’s Blossom Bounty

  1. How beautiful. I wonder if I can grow Wisteria in my garden. Hummm. I think I might have to try. First a trellis..

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed my “Margaret”. She was my very good friend and she hated to part with this beauty but, it had already outgrown her yard when she chopped it down, dug up the root and we transplanted it here. Each year when she doesn’t freeze I have the reminder of a very special person. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  3. Janet I am over the moon for that wisteria and the arbor it’s on. I have tried many times to grow wisteria in my own garden, but it doesn’t thrive here at my elevation. The Winter is just too harsh I guess. I think I just may have to enjoy Joy’s. it is truly gorgeous.

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