Gobble, gobble?

“Get the Cranberry Sauce” was the subject line of the first E-mail I opened this morning. Poor turkey bird was the attachment. The pretty feathers shot, is from my fowl hunting son-in-law. Four and twenty blackbirds, I mean twenty four pounder! I know, Eeeeeewe!


4 thoughts on “Gobble, gobble?

  1. Yes… turkey season started Monday. Jason’s first day out, on Tuesday, he was able to call in this guy. John and Tommy were very excited! They’re both 4 years old, and their question for Jason was, “Daddy, where’s the blood?” Weird huh?

  2. A little wild turkey background for all who may be interested. Wild turkeys numbers hovered around a dismal 30,000 in Missouri’s 1930’s largely due in part to market hunting. This along with illegal hunting took quite a toll on these beautiful birds that Benjamin Franklin once lobbied to be USA’s national bird!

    Due to the hard work of conservation minded Missourians & hunters, the conservation dept. and wildlife code were established in 1937. These efforts have brought back this popular game bird numbers back to 600,000 strong!

    There is a Spring and Fall turkey season offered to hunters who take and pass a hunter’s safety course and pay a $17 license fee (Spring season) which allows the hunter to harvest two birds during a 3 week season.

    Missouri will take in approximately $3.4 million in license fees in 2010 alone that go directly back to conservation efforts in our state! Remember to thank a hunter next time you see one and take a kid fishing & hunting!

    Btw, I’ll be deep frying my organic turkey nuggets rolled in Andy’s seasoning soon. Delicious! Anyone getting hungry? I make turkey soup in the fall with the dark meat. Just gotta remember to not add too much celery to my soup!!!

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