Late Arrival

After running errands all day yesterday, an early birthday present, to myself, arrived late last evening.

Ooooh, what could it be?

Kidding, I knew…

my first lap top!

My only other computer, about seven years old, is an IMac G4 and is filled up and slowing down. So, I took the plunge and ordered something I could sit in the easy chair with. Since the growing demand on an artist/designer to do much more computer generated, product mock-up work, I thought it was time to get comfy.

Admitting, I’m a little intimidated by the change. Good thing I have kids.


Hey, kids? Jason, Kate, anybody? Eeeks!


8 thoughts on “Late Arrival

  1. Ooh la la. You are going to have so much fun. You’ll love the freedom of a laptop and the power of the new MacBook. Enjoy!

  2. jealous! You’re going to love it! Now you need to get wifi so you can sit out on your deck and work!

  3. Yea fellow Mac user! You’re going to love it, and I bet it will feel really quick for you. Do you use a lot of Photoshop? I have an older MacBook I’m using right now, and I love sitting in a cozy chair with a cup of coffee in the morning, while I wake up. Have fun with your new toy! Take care, Martha

  4. You will love it! I got mine a couple years ago and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Much of my serious design work lends itself better to the big iMac but the portability of the laptop makes it indispensable working on preliminary designs and research or blogging, of course! I’ve even been known to take my studio outside!

    1. Hi Jodi – I hope so, it’s quite the investment. And I’ve been extremely happy working on my “big imac” for all of my serious design work also. Just getting it set up this morning! Here’s Kate now!

      1. I’ll agree with you on the investment part! But I haven’t regretted it for a minute. I did buy a hard shell case that snaps onto the outside of it. (you can find them on Amazon in a range of colors). An added layer of protection from normal wear and tear that comes with the portability part of everyday use.

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