Workshop Weekend

Wow! My workshop weekend is underway. It began with a personalized tour of ME’s studio and offices. The Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop event is local for me so, I drove to the very trending location on this gorgeous morning. Arrived early enough to enjoy a coffee in the breezy courtyard. Pretty neat.

I was greeted by Mary’s trade mark character, Anne Estelle. To my surprise I was the only one taking the studio tour in my scheduled time slot. What, all to myself? Yipeeeeeeee!

With my head pivoting in all directions and eyes moving at a frantic pace, I attempted to take absolutely everything in.

I only have a short time now to post some of the many photos I took. These are right inside the door at the front desk. As you can see, a lovely suite of offices. I’ll be heading back down for registration and festivities at the reception this evening.

My Gracious Guide was Jan-her apron pin collection

6 thoughts on “Workshop Weekend

  1. Thanks Janet. I am so grateful to you for the photos since I will never get to see this myself (being from MA). I have been an admirer of hers from the first issue and still have them all. Please post more when you can and tell us all about it.

    1. Hi – I found out this evening that this is the first workshop in a series that are planned. The next one will be more geared toward sewing. On a cruise!

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