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Today was the first full day of the ME workshops and seminars. My first class began at 8:00am and the last ended at 5:30PM. Whew, very long day, but lots FUN! I felt like a little kid again.

Now, back to the good stuff, the studio tour!

As you enter Mary’s office.

Her work table.

To her left.

To her right.

Neat supply room right outside her office.

On my out.

Hope you enjoyed sharing with me, the glimpse inside Mary’s world.


9 thoughts on “Back to the Tour

  1. What are in those bottles in the second to last photo? Inks? What brand are they? I LOVE all those colorful pencils in the different Mugs!! So cool! Love all that color!!
    Thanks for sharing your tour with us!

  2. Wow. What a treat this is for me to live vicariously thru your experience. I love seeing other artists work spaces. Always gives me inspiration for mine. The thing I’ve always loved about Mary and her workspace is how she uses so many everyday pieces and reinvents them. Who could not want to go into work each day. Thanks Janet for the lift.

  3. Oh wow Thanks!!

    It is so clean and organized and looks like an art store/beach house ! I am so envious.

  4. The bottles of ink are refill ink for Tria markers. Sadly, Trias like this are no longer being made by Pantone.

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