Sweet Books

Treasured Tuesday’s – Surprisingly there were shopping opportunities during the Home Companion Workshop reception last Friday evening. A little bit of everything that I like, including my favorite, vintage children’s books! The Gardian Angel book, in French, is especially sweet.

Also one artist book, The ABC of Color! And one that I will keep, as a surprise for later. These were an unexpected treat!

8 thoughts on “Sweet Books

  1. How fun!
    I own a 1907 edition Beatrix Potter “Peter Rabbit” book.
    It’s not in great condition, but I love it! When I was a little girl,
    I used to visit this elderly lady, Miss Wieland”, on a weekly basis and we’d have tea. She would always have the most wonderful paper napkins for us to use at teatime, which I have also saved. She would read to me at these events. The book came from her after she died.

    1. Elly,
      I have been looking for older Beatrix Potter books, & yours sounds wonderful. I too collect older children’s books & find them charming because of their artwork & writings. It’s difficult to find these old treasures especially in good condition. I did find an old treasure, entitled cottontail and the wishing fairy by Corrine Ingraham which is in very good condition for being copyright in 1921.

  2. Great finds Janet! I love childrens books and their wonderful illustrations. I collect old books, and especially books with beautiful illustrations such as the art that you create.

    Tagged means when another blog author contacts you and asks you to either share some things about yourself or show something in particular in a post such as finding and posting about a particular picture in your computer files. I usually don’t play tag or accept awards anymore because I have played so much in the past and it does take some effort and time to do so, but decided to play along this time. I hope this answers your question. Have a wonderful day my dear friend.

  3. My great-grandmother had a huge collection of Little Golden Books I liked to go to her house and read them to my sister and brother. I wonder what ever happened to those when she past away. She was the mother of nine, with my mother being the oldest sibling. We lost her to pancreatic cancer August 23rd, 1985 and there isn’t a day go by that I don’t have a beautiful thought of my mom and her mother whom we lovingly called “grandma great”.

    1. Awe, that’s the neatest Grandmother name that I’ve heard since my first granddaughter’s name for me,….”Honey.” Long story.

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