Hosta Takeover

I keep meaning to split this Hosta each summer before it gets too big to handle. It is the last survivor of several that I purchased many years ago. This variety is Hosta sieboldiana Elegans and gets a white flower around mid Summer. You can see here how much more it has opened in only four days.

Second to drawing, digging in the dirt is among my favorite activities. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to enjoy it however,  like I use to. Not enough muscle power either, ouch.

I love these shade loving plants. Above is my Hosta goal! Anyone else have Hostas? Below are two I would like to add found here –  White Flower Farm


12 thoughts on “Hosta Takeover

  1. I bought one last year called Remember Me similar to your last photo. It is dedicated to breast cancer research and I think some of the $ goes to that cause. I love it and want to purchase more of them. I’m partial (in my old age!) to those chartreuse (sp?) ones.

    1. Hi Charlene – You are quick on the draw this morning with your comment. 🙂 I like that name, “Remember Me” and the color.

  2. I love Hostas too!I have a whole row of a variety of them in my backyard as a border under some 40 foot pine trees. I love how they come up every year, even if the deer have munched them down to nothing in the fall.
    Don’t know what they are called though; I put them in years ago. I had little signs by them, but over the years they have disappeared.

    1. Hi Elly – I didn’t have deer munching them but I think something was munching the roots when I lost so many of my Hostas a few years ago. All of a sudden, I noticed that the huge stems, perfectly healthy looking, started to simply fall over, one stem at a time until they were all gone. Not sure what caused this.

  3. I have a bunch of Hostas I’ve has forever. They seem to grow really well here in Central Texas. They seem to stay green longer and last the whole summer. I like your different varieties. They are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  4. I love the garden too! (although our growing season is Pretty short), I’ve planted a lot of hostas since we have quite a shaded yard, but none have started growing yet this year. So it is nice to see yours. This year I want to get some of those that get the giant leaves– Big Daddy, or Sum and Substance. Soon!!

  5. Well Janet, I see you are afflicted with the same disease I am. Hosta syndrome. I don’t think there is a cure…at least I hope not! Yours are beauties!

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