Treasured Tuesday’s – My studio space is a wonderland of interesting items, some sentimental and others that were collected over the years. This volume of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” belonged to my dad and surprisingly there is no date, anywhere inside. Assuming it to be among his childhood books, I estimate it to be, approximately between 75 to 100 years old, and quite endearing.

The next page simply says “Printed in the United States of America By J. J. Little & Ives Company, New York,” but no date. I find that curious and wonder of the significance, if any.

The Paper Cut Outs page, I purchased a few years ago for the illustration quality. Who can resist anything Alice, right? Especially if they contain the classic illustrations of John Tenniel!

6 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. Wow! Those illustrations are vivd and colorful! I can just imagine what you will do with those!
    About your book, have you googled the printer yet? You might find your book there. Perhaps it is worth lots of money!
    Regardless, when it has belonged to someone you love, it’s worth way more than money!

    1. Hi Elly – I tried that some time ago and I don’t remember the results. “Three Sirens Press” in NY is also listed inside. I should try that again but you’re right, about the sentimental value.

  2. Thank you for sharing John Tenniel’s name. Looking at your work, and his work, wow… matters of brillance. Thanks for all that you do, I especially can’t get enough of Hungry Animals Alphabet.

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