Somebody’s Birthday Today?

Take a guess…..


16 thoughts on “Somebody’s Birthday Today?

  1. Is it yours, Janet?
    Happy Birthday and many more!!!
    And be sure to fully enjoy your special day!!

  2. Oh boy, somebody just guessed the same I was going to guess…;-) Well if it’s yours; Have a happy birthday and I hope you will have many happy and healthy years to come together with your loved ones!
    If not: why not have a party anyway?!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Janet, happy birthday to you!

  4. Of course, you know, it’s only a number! You looked awesome in your photos from Quilt Market!

  5. Happy birthday to you!!

    I just reminded my hubby this morning that today his mom would have been 92. She passed away last November. Miss her.

    1. Thanks Sue. You continue to crack me up on Linked In! For instance, “This gives me more time to distract myself from work.” I relate, lol.

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