Getting Back…..

…to the first art, Joy Studio Giveaway! Only comment to enter, post about it for a second opportunity to win. For more details, scroll to May 28th post below.

Fabric fat quarters – Quilting Treasures :

“Tiny Tailors,” “Animal Alphabet Games” and “An Appointed Time”

Faux Postage Collage Sheets

Cuckoo Clock Project

8 thoughts on “Getting Back…..

  1. Hi Janet!
    Love your stuff so much I went online to try and find it!
    Did find a “little” bit of it and looking forward with great anticipation to getting one cut(all they had) of your Noah’s Ark collection and some cuts of the Tiny Tailors collection.
    Can’t wait for it to come. Sure would love to add to that little bit of stash with some of your stash!
    Hope you’re having a great day!!

  2. Oh! So glad I picked this morning to catch up on my favorite blogs! What a delightful and thoughtful giveaway! How exciting! Please enter my name into the drawing. (It’s going on my blog too)

    Happy birthday and blogiversary! May you have many more of each!

  3. Found your blog through another blog (Joy Hall) and have spent quite a bit of time ooohing and aahhhing over your work. Amazing! I love how the items you create have such character – amazing talent.

  4. Greeting darling Joy, I posted your gracious give-away on my blog. I hope some of my readers will come your way to learn more about you and your oh so talented creative world.

    blessings –

  5. I read about your contest on Joy Hall’s blog. I am now following your blog. These are very charming and I would love to win. Thank you for your time and talent sharing!

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