Atlanta Adventure

I’ll be stepping out of my country, comfort zone for a few days and heading to the big city of Atlanta for the AmericasMart, July show. It’s extremely large and somewhat intimidating. The business side of licensing is challenging for me (and most artists?) so, I’ll be a bit like a “Frisch” out of water. However, when I discovered that several artists were planning a couple of social activities, I decided I needed to be there. Pal-ing around with artists, including a couple of “artist” gatherings, I ask you, does that sound fun or what? A rare opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up.

So, now I’m trying to gather thoughts and supplies that might come in handy. Once I get through this ironing, it will be smooth sailing, I mean flying! Eeeks, not my favorite either.


8 thoughts on “Atlanta Adventure

  1. hello Miss Janet,

    so looking forward to connecting with you at the show. safe travels my friend.

    p.s. I was just peeking at your paintings below this post – breathtaking work girl, really, really good stuff


  2. Hi!! just wanted to say have a great trip and hope to see you soon…email i haven’t seen in awhile cause its not working (or Jake has to show me a new way to find???)

  3. WHEW! Still here in Atlanta but finished up my show adventure today followed by one last dinner with the artsy bunch. What a treat it’s been. Home sweet home tomorrow morning, God is good. 😉

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