Holiday Hurrah

Labor Day – Weeeee, the holiday weekend! Ours was filled with a wedding, a brunch and absolutely perfect weather. I enjoyed a restful and fun few days with family and good friends. I hope you enjoyed yours to.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Hurrah

  1. What a lovely setting! Was this in someone’s backyard?
    Unfortunately, our weekend here in Michigan has been wet and chilly!

    1. Hi Elly – Yes, in a lovely arts & crafts home in a picturesque area. It was a lovely evening. Call me crazy, but I enjoy wet and chilly too, once in a while. Good to hear from you.

  2. love this small but eye catching wedding, doesn’t always have to be thousands of dollars, just something from the heart! actually I have been wanting to do this ribbon effect for a long time,so I too was going to incorporate it next week for a wedding!! thanks for posting!!!

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