Nature’s Call

As I continue to wrap things up in the studio, unplug from the tech tools, put some finishing touches on two new lines, things are beginning to feel calmer. Yesterday, I even took time to meander around our property a bit, a favorite, especially as fall approaches. Turtles, toadstools, walking sticks, that’s what I’ve been missing! This little guy was trying to get away from me and the camera among my overgrown garden.

Then, just a while ago, I glanced out the studio window and noticed these two young deer chomping on some clover. I’ve spotted them several times lately, very close to the house! Love that. Oops, they heard me.

All summer, I tend to stay indoors since I struggle in the intense heat and humidity. I’m always uplifted and renewed when I can get out and enjoy some of God’s little woodsy creatures.

Chirp, chirp!


3 thoughts on “Nature’s Call

  1. I know what you mean about enjoying God’s great outdoors!! We live in a suburban area, only two blocks from one of Michigan’s busiest streets, but we regularly see deer, wild turkeys,(eight of them have been roosting in our two sycamores in the backyard all summer) rabbits, a resident barred owl, chipmunks and the like. We love it! The only thing I wish was that the deer would leave my rhodendendron alone. One time last winter I counted TWELVE deer in the backyard; four of them bucks! It was amazing! But my bush was totally stripped clean. Some leaves did grow back this summer. I wonder how long they will last?
    Enjoy these last, fine days of Summer!

  2. As I grow older I have learned to appreciate animals more and more and at times prefer their company. Animals and living creatures make me feel peaceful and perhaps that is one reason I love your delightful depictions of beautiful darling animals so much.

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