Artist Friends

I suppose among the nicest experiences that I’ve enjoyed since working in art licensing, has been the opportunity to meet other artists. Melissa Saylor was my first, professional artist friend. We met years ago while at the same agency and have remained friends since. Melissa’s work is as delightful as she is. You can stop by her new blog and view her work at:


6 thoughts on “Artist Friends

  1. Love your “snow people” illustration!! Is it a new one and are there more? And does it come on fabric?
    Thanks for all your lovely “stuff”!
    Certainly will check out Melissa’s blog too.

  2. Love this illo! I missed your blog while I was away. These snowpeople have such a gentle feel to them.
    And speaking of industry friends and chances to meet… I can hardly believe Surtex plans are underway already but since they are I’m wondering if you are planning to go next May?

  3. Every human as every living thing has its own uniqueness but artists……..artists express unique! And Janet…..I LOVE your expressions!

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