Finally Fall!

Fall is my absolute favorite season and winter is a close second.  So, several months coming right up that I fully enjoy! Beginning yesterday, our weather finally caught up with the season. It was a brisk and cloudy day with a perfect weather week lying ahead! Almost time to scout out those pumpkins, eh?

Still working on our “Hair Raising Halloween” pillows…..

…and catching up on fabric cutting. I hate to admit how far behind I’m running but I’ve owed fabric to a few folks and finally, it’s on it’s way. Feels good….

..and getting back on the walking trail this morning.


13 thoughts on “Finally Fall!

  1. I received my winning package and I am in fabric heaven. So many goodies. My mind is whirring…

    Thank you, Janet, for this lovely package of goodness.

    1. Hi Peggy – Thanks, did you want me to enter you in the giveaway for fat quarters? I noticed that you commented after I posted it but on another day. Again, thank you for stopping by and your comments.

  2. Oh my goodness! Everything you do is so fun and refreshing! I love the idea of fishing foxes and dancing bears. It makes we want to drape them on my walls and drink hot chocolate. Imagine how much better our world would be if everyone could think the way you do?

  3. Not only are your characters delightful, your photo compositions are so beautiful and full of excitement! They inspire me and make me feel happy! It’s like I can’t wait to see the next picture! This new past time “treasure hunt” of J. Wecker-Frisch fabrics on the Internet has begun….I have left the “Where’s Waldo” books far behind! Hehe

    1. That’s funny and a compliment as well. You will love what I’m photographing now then. Not sure when I will get finished to post… I’m cleaning and re-organizing my house. It feels like re-organizing my life, since I don’t do this very often! 😮

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