And the Winner…

…is Carin! Names went into the hat,

and the winning name was pulled at seven A.M. this morning.

So here is your Halloween booty Carin. I’ll be sending out today and should arrive in time for your favorite holiday. Thank you everyone for participating in my “Hair-raising Halloween” fabric giveaway. I really enjoyed hearing from you and discovering some of your sites and facebook pages. Eventually, I look forward to getting around to a personal thanks to each one of you. Stay tuned, I have many more illustrations, inspiration and FABRIC to give away in the future.


10 thoughts on “And the Winner…

  1. Congratulations Carin! I know you will enjoy these wonderful designs by Janet. Thank you Janet for the opportunity to win but mostly for getting to know you more. Artists are a very sensative bunch and your designs refect this about you. I read the reply on one of my posts that has me a bit concerned about “………much longer!” Since I found your website I have located a shop on line that has your Halloween line and I have already ordered some of them and will soon be getting the rest. Oh yes, “An Appointed Time” is also finding its way into my cherished fabric closet. Enough to make a large (or two) wonderful quilt (or quilts) with pillows! Again, I check back often and still “treasure hunting”. I will be watching closely to see if Quilted Treasures actually re-releases the Animal Alphabet. I found a bit of a line from South Seas also. Tiny Tailors, Snowmen, and Camp Santa? I am not sure of the collection titles but recognize the fine designer!

      1. Whew! That is good news! There are so many fabrics being designed today that are not very appealing to me so I am happy to say I am collecting the designs you create as soon as I see them now and still looking for the past ones also, I now have found three books that have cute projects from your fabric lines and one has arrived already!

  2. My dear Janet, See how happy you make everyone just looking at your art work ,can you imagine if we ALL purchased them!!! The clock faces are truly my favorite but you know how much I love your winter and Christmas…you are the most talented by far, my friend and I am so proud of you!! Happy fall (I know you love this time of year) Blessings,Roxanne

    1. Hi Roxanne – Thanks very much. It’s a really nice way to share art, that’s for sure. Creating fabrics/papers that offer other creative women an opportunity to in turn, create their beautiful, warm quilts and other crafted items, is the best. The connections are amazing, and a joy. Happy fall to you as well, loving the weather and the beginnings of the brilliant color.

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