It’s Magic!

As I enjoy my work break and still on a quest to rejuvenate, I tagged along on a home school day, field trip event at a local attraction, “The Magic House.” What fun! It really is a magical place especially for kids and the kid in all of us.

There were so many things to see, explore & enjoy a hands on experience like, an electrifying ball that stands your hair on end.

A giant beanstalk to climb,

tunnels to crawl through

and a three-story slide for a quick descent.

A kid size house…

..a staircase of books to the library…

…and near by, a pint-sized market.

There were mysteries to solve…

through secret fireplace passage ways…

and a rotating bookcase to reveal a secret room!

A colorful kaleidoscope…

..crazy contraptions…

…and flying art suspended over the Picnic Basket Cafe.

It was a memorable, fun, fall field trip and a great place to recall a child’s perspective in such creative and inspiring  ways. More days like this should help the harmony return to my life and nurture the creative self.


11 thoughts on “It’s Magic!

  1. I love the picture of Syd’s hair standing up! Too funny. I want to go to the Magic House too 😦

  2. Wow,where were those taken? Our childrens museum is so dark and gloomy compared to this one. It reminds me of something on the lines of “Mr Magoriums Magic emporium.”So awesome!

  3. What great fun! We have a place similar to that here called the Treehouse Museum and the kids always have a blast.
    Love the beautiful red hair!

  4. Oh, what a wonderful field trip! Right now, I am reading your blog in one window and watching my daughter and little 21 month old grand-daughter on the webcam. I just love technology! To be 900 miles away and still visit. How wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be keeping The Magic House in mind for a future trip with them!

  5. I missed this post earlier~what a fun place!
    I love the staircase painted like book spines!

    What town is this in?

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