Spooky Stories

Lighting the first campfire in the fall always makes me feel like an excited little kid again. Last night conditions were perfect, not too warm, not too cold, not too breezy. Recent yard clean up provided a lot to burn.

Does anyone remember swapping spooky tales while sitting around listening to the peaceful crackle! A campfire in the middle of the woods really sets the tone for story telling. Eeks.

Smell smoke? Hope we have marshmallows!


2 thoughts on “Spooky Stories

  1. Oooh yes. After moving to California when I was a child we had many campfires on the beaches. In those days, it was dark and the ocean had its own special spookiness. I love campfires and remember many with my girls in girl scouts too, but they were ridden with mosquitoes in Florida! This illustration is absolutely adorable! I hope he is in an upcoming collection and not one of the more difficult ones to find!

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