Celebrating Eighty Years

Yesterday, a combined effort went into an 80th birthday and a reunion with my hubs, very large family. It was another gorgeous October day and the party was held on the 72 acre lake at Simpson Park. This park was a new and really nice discovery to us so, we’ll be back. The celebration was complete with a colorful cake and lots of family, food, fun and games!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Eighty Years

  1. Oh how wonderful to have a lively family member reach 80 and beyond! My husbands mother lived to the ripe old age of 92 before the Lord called her home! My side of the family has not been that fortunate I’m sad to say. Life is a precious comoditity that all to many of us take for granted! I know I treasure life and love people and pray for peace for all without suffering. God Bless the entire flock!

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