Feel Good Stuff

What feels better than baking on a cold fall morning to take the chill off the house? And then popping in an old movie like Shirley Temple’s Heidi for cozy background sound. Banana nut bread, by the way, another fall favorite.

Maybe sampling the goods afterward with a late cup of coffee? Oh yeah.

Meanwhile, I check in on the hubs whose cleaning up a tree we lost in a spring storm. I had the easy job.

While I was outside, I couldn’t help but to have a seat under the spectacular oak again! I suppose this is a common sight to most of us throughout the country right about now, but I never tire of this site. I had to share it again. A golden day!


4 thoughts on “Feel Good Stuff

  1. Baking is such a Joy! The smell of happiness! Aroma from the oven! Hmmm. The taste of a delightful homemade goodie right from the oven. How wonderful a feeling. A memory of baking with children and their smiling faces. It is the “home sweet home” feeling no matter what place in life you might be. Thanks for sharing and allowing your readers the reflections of the past events in our own lives!

    The trees are so beautiful…………they make our every breath possible. Life….Peace….Tranquility. Nothing can replace the feeling of sitting under beautiful branches. Wonderful thoughts as I look at your pictures overtake me as Florida has little fall foilage. My childhood in Minnesota is missed.

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