Can of Worms!

OK, yesterday was golden but today, yikes! Since taking time off, I’ve been catching up on the many areas of the home and studio that needed my attention, desperately. I feel pretty good about the main level, regaining control there, except for a few over due closet renovations, and have even completed a few projects. However, today, I moved to the studio area, dunt, dunt, dunnnnn, a personal stronghold, well one of them. I am determined to conquer the “messy” studio before going back to work. Who can create in chaos, right? I will not give up until I have the organized, artful place restored to it’s original order. I insist.

Perhaps some of you remember my posting several messy studio photos (above) last March, titled “Good, Bad & the Ugly.”  Those were suppose to be the before’s and then I planned to share the after’s. Well, these several months later, I looked around this morning, not sure where to begin so, I started with the most dreaded. The shelves of magazines.



and more magazines! Oh brother. Does anyone else suffer from this addiction? I mean what do you do with these beauties? Well, they have to go, but not before I sift through them of course. Yikes, how long is that going to take? Can I do it in this lifetime?

The shelves are getting there. Am I half way yet?

No, not even close. Well, it’s a start. Yeah!


9 thoughts on “Can of Worms!

  1. Like you, I realized that I had to get rid of some of my many craft related magazines too! And have decided I really don’t need another subscription to another quilting magazine for a very long time!! I have enough projects to keep me going to eternity!
    And that’s WITHOUT the magazines!!
    Love, love, LOVE the bolts of fabric on your shelves!!
    They add SO much lovely color!!
    Have a great weekend!! And enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  2. hi Janet, the before photo of the wall of shelves bears an eerie similarity to what i’m faced with in my sewing room! good for you for tackling it. what Do you do with the magazines??

    1. Hi Michelle – Yes, a good question. Hopefully we’ll get many comments with solutions on this post. The magazines spanning decades, have so much great information and photography that inspire that are not available necessarily, on the internet. Therefore, I have been unable to part with them until now. However, out of necessity, I am forced to come up with a solution that I am still trying to figure out. Maybe I should blog about the result when I figure it out. There’s a project!

  3. Oh Janet, how beautiful your after photos are! Your before photo is what I would like to “imagine” my current mess to look like!!! Your dishes are gorgeous! Ooooh, I just love holiday dishes. They are such fun to use and look at! Ah-ha moment! On to the dinnerware stores!

  4. You should have a lovely Christmas brunch dinner, whatever, as you dine on your life’s passion with your family and friends this holiday. Like me, I work on projects for Christmas and Easter during the wrong season. Sometimes, I’m designing Christmas at Easter and Easter at Christmas!

    And oh, how I wish I could wiggle my nose and make my studio clean itself!!

    Congrats on all your achievements this year.

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