Let’s Talk Turkey

Time to trade in tricks and treats for the turkeys!

And start thinking about those pumpkin pies, eh?

Does anyone remember the construction paper turkeys we made in school by tracing our hand? I think I may still have one around here, somewhere.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. Oh yeah!! And apparently, it’s still being done!

    Saw 11 wild turkeys in our yard this morning.
    All summer they roosted in one of our large sycamore trees in the backyard; then disappeared for awhile. I think they’re back for safety reasons; they must know Thanksgiving is on the horizon and they will be safe in a suburban backyard! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good week!

  2. Upon reading your entry today, I clearly recall attending Thanksgiving performances by my children and their classmates at school. Their teachers would adorn the classroom windows with all the beautiful little handprint turkeys she guided her students to create. I clearly remember the pride and joy my daughters showed as they would come running to my arms with the precious art they themselves made with their very own little hands. A thumb turkey head and four colorful turkey feathers, with a chubby little turkey body and a neatly printed name of each child on the back of each precious construction paper hand-print turkey for Thanksgiving. Thank you for the spark that lit such a sweet memory for me. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday with all your family and friends.

  3. What great memories! I certainly remember this Thanksgiving school project. The first time my oldest son brought one home from school, my heart was flooded with wonderful memories.

    Hmmm…. I’m a little tempted…..

  4. Hey – I’m baking a fresh pumpkin pie now! I have the pumpkins in the oven to roast, then I’ll puree with evaporated milk, brown sugar and eggs for a delightful dessert this evening. I’ll try to save you a piece but it happens to be Michael’s favorite so no guarantees!

  5. Janet, I have one of those turkey planters too. Exactly the same one. I found it for .50 cents about 30 years ago and I think they’re worth about $40 now!

    1. Really? You know that is one item that I cannot recall where I acquired it but, I’ve had it a long time too. My sister has our old turkey candle from my grams house which is where we always spent Thanksgiving. I do have the dinning room table & buffet however, and recall fondly, the fancy way she use to set it just for us.

  6. Thanks for “stirring” the pot of memories!

    I remember my first Thanksgiving here in the States. I was ten years old, and we had never celebrated Thanksgiving (they don’t celebrate that in the Netherlands) We celebrated with other Dutch friends who had been in the US for a few years already.
    All that strange food; turkey? corn and yams? cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie? I had never seen any of it before! Of course, our parents made my siblings and I try it all! After all these years, I couldn’t imagine a Thanksgiving without any of it!!

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