Finishing Details

The work break, that I’m becoming accustomed to, was interrupted yesterday for some necessary fine tuning.  Putting to bed my Spring fabric line finally and it feels good.  I’ll offer one hint, it involves beans but not from a beanstalk!


6 thoughts on “Finishing Details

  1. Whenever I come over here to catch up on your posts, I am delighted by all the wonderful art and personal things you share. From the halloween transformation of sweet girl, to the adoring photo of your dad? Your artwork, you know already, just blows me away.
    hugs to you….

  2. Beans……..unique idea. Perhaps a “musical fruit” LOL I am just too old I guess. Can’t wait for availability of it!!!!! Hope your days are filled with joy and peace for the up-coming Holidays and beyond. Hugs to you.

  3. Coffee! (I bet) which we’ll have to drink while we quilt away. Lovely, lovely work as always Janet. I want to hand this two toned piece in my home (is it watercolor?)

    1. Hi Terri – Good guesser. Yes the piece is watercolor and was part of a fairy tale collection. Thanks, I like the books too. Maybe they should be a print then?

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