verb \ˈhī-bər-ˌnāt\


Definition of HIBERNATE

intransitive verb
: to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state
: to be or become inactive or dormant
hi·ber·na·tion\ˌhī-bər-ˈnā-shən\ noun
hi·ber·na·tor\ˈhī-bər-ˌnā-tər\ noun

Does this sound good to anyone else? To pass the winter in a resting state? Well, maybe not totally inactive. But at least retreat to a quiet, clam creative place to paint or sew, eh? I’m ready. This sounds good to me right now. Where’s the snow? Where are the cool temps? 75 degrees again today, November 11? Hmmn.
Oh yes, 11/11, Veterans Day. Thank you veterans.


11 thoughts on “Hi•ber•nate

  1. This DOES sound good to me! I’d love to just hunker down while the snow flies and stitch and play away. Of course, it would be nice, if someone else would do the cooking and cleaning and laundry while I did so.

    Love the Bear Paw and Bear couple block!! Another fabric line??

    I LOVE bears!! I have been collecting them since I was 5! My first one was a mohair bear(still have it) my mother won after she entered a contest put on by a Parent magazine back in the Netherlands. I still remember the package arriving in the mail.
    It was addressed to my mother, and she turned it over to see where it had come from and the package went “beh”. When she opened it, there was this golden, soft 18″ bear that went “beh” when you turned it over. I was the youngest in the family, so the bear was given to me. I have had it now 50-plus years. Since then I have received and bought more than a hundred bears.
    Thanks for bringing back another wonderful memory!

    1. Hi Elly – Wow, about your bear treasure. The bear couple is from a past fabric line “Good Ship Noah.” The bear paw patch is from the “Camp Christmas” collection.

  2. I’m enjoying the warmer weather! Burrrr, I don’t like it when it gets too cold. The bear block is gorgeous! The bears look like they are totally in love and ready to spend the winter together!

    1. Hi Phyllis – actually, it is a beautiful day here today, not really complaining about the perfect temperature. However, I do like winter, and snow!

  3. I can relate! I love hibernating and being creative INSIDE and watching the snow from behind glass with my fireplace on! 🙂 I’m just not a cold weather kind of gal.

    Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane – I’m the first one OUTSIDE, in the snow and at the top of the hill, with my sled, in my neighborhood. Just like a kid I guess, when it comes to snow.

  4. I love the two black bears, soo cute! I think I would like a couple weeks in a retreat in the hollow of a tree like they have in story books. Of course it would be equipped with all the comforts of life. There would be a fireplace along with two soft chairs and warm blankets. And all I would have to do was read,sew and eat gingerbread cookies.

  5. Snow is certianly hard to come by in Florida! I treasure the wonderful memories of waking in the morning, looking out a frosty window to see a white frosting of fresh snow covering earth, the heavens sprinkling powdered sugar on her creation and the quiet. The simple silence from God above saying reflect on family and friends and humanity then hibernate with goodwill as a companion.

  6. You are so right, Norma Jean. There is nothing more beautiful than walking in a snow covered woods with no one else around and taking in the quiet of God’s creation!

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