Building Updates

Do you remember my posts last June regarding our new church building? Well, we’re still going, the work continues primarily by volunteers. Here are some shots I took yesterday morning on our standing Saturday work day.

Recently, spreading mulch, hanging lights inside and out, getting tiles laid and sewing (grass) seed! You can see all of the progress at Friendship Friends.


7 thoughts on “Building Updates

  1. Beautiful!! Just beautiful!! You are so going to appreciate worshipping in this place once it is finished, won’t you?
    Perhaps you already are~

  2. How lovely. I bet you’re building more than a brick and morter church. Wonderful memories, new found respect for fellow worshipers and friends for life. Nice job!

  3. I am sure God is pleased that so many get together to build such a wonderful place to worship him and do good works from. God Bless all of you and the congregation each and everyday for life!

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