Not Again!

Last February in a post titled “Unexpected Guest,” you may remember, was a tale of a large black snake that I discovered in my home studio. This afternoon, after I spent several hours working on the catalog clean up, I decided to make a brief wash room visit. As I stepped toward the door, I found myself face to face with the critter pictured below. His/her head was raised in the strike position, as I was extremely close to stepping in it’s path. Instead, I froze in my tracks. My immediate assessment was that this was a poisonous snake and most likely a Copperhead! Eeks! Two snakes, inside, in the same year? This will never do. Especially the most concerning species in this region.

Living in the woods, I’ve become accustomed to snakes and expect to see them from time to time, outside! However, never did I expect to see one of these guys, inside. With limited resources, I backed up, circled around, picked up a small basket on the way and was able to throw it over the top of him/her from behind. After that, it was a challenge but I manged to get it out the door and into a box. Heart was pounding all the while. Whew. Not going to be at ease in the studio again until I find out if he/she was acting alone. Jeepers-creepers!

Oh, and BTW, my fonts are looking weird on this end again, too.


11 thoughts on “Not Again!

  1. Hi Joy I like snakes but I don’t think I would like a poisonous one in my place and I think I would do just as you did to get the snake back outside. Perhaps you had a hole somewhere in your house he or she climbed in from so I would check all around your house and if you see any fix it up so there aren’t any and also check your house for any more snakes around. I do hope you get things fixed up so you don’t have the problem of any ore unwanted snakes anywhere in your house. Now if you would get a pet snakr that is harmless that is different. Love and hugs,

  2. We don’t have poisonous snake in Victoria, BC, Canada but we do have black widow spiders. I picked up a potholder that had fallen under the stove one day and there was the little critter on the potholder. To be fair to the intruder he/she was beautiful. It looked like it was made of shiny black glass.

    The fonts are fine at this end. Do you use Firefox? I had all kinds of problems a few months ago with my blog as well as viewing other blogs. I switched to Google Chrome, it was easier than deleting and reloading Firefox, and now don’t have any problems at all.

    1. Hi Len – I know what you mean. I thought the snake’s pattern looked quite majestic yesterday too, once he/she was safely in the box. Thanks for the Firefox info and yes that’s what I use.

  3. Yikes!!! Having had two snakes in your home this year I would be very wary of stepping!!! This would creep me out.

    My daughter and family live in West Texas in the country. They are always running into “Bull” snakes which are good snakes except that they eat all the chicken eggs. They also have Rattle and Copperhead snakes. It’s the grand kids I think about. Lord, please protect them!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  4. I don’t even have words for this. I think you acted very calm. I probably would have passed out. Oh, my. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. No snakes invited.

  5. Try what I was mentioning concerning switching to another browser. I am pleased with Google Chrome. I have had problems in the past with Firefox and stopped using it then. A fellow at the post office told me that every so often he gets rid if Firefox and reloads it because it seems to get a lot of bugs, personally I can’t be bothered.

  6. Someone please hand me a caulking gun!!! I am looking even the slightest crack, or pin hole to fill!!!

    EEEEEEEkkk! It’s going to take a long time to get over using a long stick to pat down a pile of magazines, reach for a tool, brush, or paper! I would even be looking in all the nooks and cranies before I sat down to draw, paint, or sew probably have that same “chill” return everytime a little tiny noise occurred.

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