Dinnerware Spot

A few days ago an artist friend spotted a store display (several hundred miles east of me) featuring one of my holiday dinnerware collections. Quite often, if I’m out shopping, I will routinely check for the artist credit on a product too. I really enjoyed seeing the photo that Loilynn Simms sent me. It is a rare occurence (not a shopper) when I get the opportunity to spot actual product of my licensed art on store shelves so, it was a treat to see. THANKS Lori!

"Heavenly Holiday" JWF© Canterbury Poteries
Original Snowman Piece (set of four)

17 thoughts on “Dinnerware Spot

  1. okay where are those selling ?any in St.Louis? oh my gosh they are adorable but hey I am not surprised…hehe hope you are well and I too am going thru alot of stuff to get rid of…it is soooo hard though. Have 11 boxes for the kids on christmas only but i still have about 20 give or take! next is the crafts oh no!!! dreading that cause we see stuff in everything don’t we..haha have a good one!!!’

    1. Hi again – Not sure about the dinnerware availability but you have an inside you can ask, Missy! Yes, I can relate regarding seeing the possibilities in everything. Also in cleaning out stuff, been at it for weeks, off & on. It is hard. Keep going. 😉

  2. Janet this looks really great!!! Is that handpainted?
    I love the way it came out. Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    That was so nice of Lori. My phone does not have a good camera, yet seeing this tells me when I shop I should bring one to take picts of my friends products when I see them..that is so cool!!!

  3. Love the Snowmen! Can I afford a plate or two?
    Well, it’s off to Christmas now! May the Season of Advent
    be one of hope and in bringing Peace on Earth!!

  4. Hi Joy…I live in California….and after 20 years of the same Christmas dishes…I found these at the Ralphs grocery store in town. I have bought a 12 place settings……not fond of Santa Clause, but LOVE SNOWMEN…..and this is soooo darling. I put them on red chargers with blue circle placements….now I am going to make some yellow pipe cleaner napkin holders and glue stars on the ends and paint them yellow (with red napkins and tablecloth). I went on line to see if I could find more pieces since I have been to many stores and they are out of most pieces now. How wonderful to read your blog and know that you are a sister in Christ. How wonderful to celebrate “Christ”mas with the true meaning!! God Blessed you with such a talent!! I look forward to meeting you in the Heavens….come Lord Jesus, come!! I’ll keep looking for more dishes..Merry Christmas in the true meaning!! Sharon Webb

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