Tuesday’s Tree Treasure

It’s been a long time since I posted a Treasured Tuesday. First up, cookie cutters, one of my favorite collections just right for the holiday season. During the twenty years that Tidings of Great Joy manufactured Christmas ornaments, I collected dozens of cookie cutters, used to cut shapes into the clay. I love using them now, as they were intended, cutting cookies! Most are vintage in many unusual shapes and a variety of sizes. I was able to utilize them again in a recent Christmas fabric line called “Cookie Cutter Christmas.” When not in use, they are perfect to double as ornaments for a decorated kitchen tree and door wreath.

This year I placed these fun tin toys underneath the tree. They are a child’s full set of cookware (c1950’s), including tiny red cookie cutters. When I spotted them in a shop (still in the box) they reminded me of some that I may have had. I remember spending an over night at my Gramma Wecker’s once, when she actually let us bake in our muffin tins. I thought at the time what a special treat, one of those grandma indulgences.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tree Treasure

  1. Being busy with life and trying to get through the Holidays I haven’t posted lately. If one of my wishes be granted it would be that you always have happiness, health, and the ability to share your precious, remarkable talent with us. Your blog pages inspire and uplift me so much as I know they do for all your followers and artist community friends. Thank you, God bless you and my you always have your art in your heart and hand! Oh, and a camera with a nice clean lens so as to give a delightful window to your world Janet.

    1. Hi Norma – I understand the busy with life and getting through the Holidays. Been wondering how you were doing and I hope you are well. As for the rest of your comments, you are too, too kind. It does my heart good though to hear that the images, art or photos, offer inspiration or uplift in any way. Thank you Norma. You keep hanging in there and I’ll keep snapping photos and sharing from the overflowing cup, God willing. 😉

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